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Offered as separate services, or as part of a complete search.

The following are the steps normally taken in conducting a search. Our services can be engaged to provide one or all of these activities.

The benefits? Lower cost, less duplication of effort, and quicker results.

Reviewing and Clarifying the Position and Requirements

We review and consult with you regarding the professional and cultural requirements of the position. We develop an understanding of the mission of the position and how it is aligned with your organization's goals. By listening to you carefully, we can better assess the "fit" between the company and the candidate.

Recruitment Strategy

We develop an appropriate search/recruitment strategy in partnership with you. Our goal is to ensure that the market place is creatively, systematically, and thoroughly canvassed to identify and recruit those exceptional candidates often difficult to locate through more passive methods. When appropriate, we look at past efforts, difficulties and success you had in filling similar positions. This helps avoid "re-inventing the wheel" and past pitfalls, while building on your positive experiences and learnings.

Based on this we develop a target list of organizations and potential candidates and sources as well as recruitment advertising and internet resources to be utilized.

Sourcing and Direct Recruiting

Through our recruitment strategy, our research process, our considerable contacts and database, we are able to contact a wide range of professionals and who will lead us to highly qualified candidates. We also target and contact potential candidates directly, often in competitor organizations with precision.

In addition, we are able to supply our clients with intelligence regarding the organizational make-up of many of their competitors. For example, we are able to offer our clients a discrete and confidential method of contacting potential candidates they have identified to determine their suitability and level of interest.

Identifying and Tracking "Bench Strength"

A popular service is helping our clients continually identify key talent that would meet their future or ongoing needs through developing "bench-strength" research.

When recruitment is seen as an on-going program rather than a one-time, as needed, event, the opportunity for connecting to the top talent in a specific area becomes increasingly greater.  Our "bench-strength" recruitment program keeps you ahead of the staffing curve with knowledge of the best available candidates when they are available, as well as who to track for future and on-going needs.

Resume and Candidate Screening

In this market, the volume of responses can be staggering. We are able to contact, assess and screen appropriate candidates, thereby saving our clients an enormous amount of valuable time and resources.


We interview candidates to determine each candidate's relevant experience, industry knowledge, and how each candidate's values and goals are in keeping with our clients, to ensure a great fit.

Reference Checks

We have many clients ask us to check references not only for candidates that we recruit, but for candidates surfaced by our clients. Our experience and ability to elicit important references and submit timely reports has proven a valuable resource to our clients.

Salary Negotiations

Our assistance in this sensitive stage of the recruitment process leads to a win-win for candidate and client.

We also provide transition coaching After the Hire.


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